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Reborn-Art Festival 2021-22— 利他と流動性 —


2021年8月11日(水)~ 9月26日(日)
※ 休祭日 : 8月18日(水)、 9月1日(水)、 9月15日(水)
宮城県 石巻市街地、 牡鹿半島(桃浦・荻浜・小積・鮎川)、 女川駅周辺

ー 石巻市街地エリア ー10:00 ~ 17:00(16:30最終受付)
ー その他のエリア ー平日 10:00 ~ 16:00(15:30最終受付)

土日祝・8月13日〜16日 10:00 ~ 17:00(16:30最終受付)

想像力を共有する場としてのフェスティバル      窪田研二/Reborn-Art Festival 2021−22 夏会期キュレーター



Reborn-Art Festival 2021-22   Altruism and Fluidity


August 11 (WED) - September 26 (SUN), 2021

*Closed on August 18 (WED), September 1 (WED), 15 (WED)

Central Ishinomaki,Oshika Peninsula (Momonoura, Oginohama, Kozumi, Ayukawa),Around Onagawa Station,
Miyagi Prefecture
- Central Ishinomaki Area -10:00-17:00(final admission at 16:30)
- Other Area -Weekdays10:00-16:00(final admission at 15:30)Saturdays, Sundays,public holidays and August     13-16 10:00-17:00(final admission at 16:30)

Festival where people share imagination 

By Kenji Kubota Curator

The spirit of altruism is impossible unless you can imagine how others feel.
When the world was shaken up by great disasters, wars and diseases, many people, while overwhelmed by a feeling of despair, had a ray of hope for the change into altruistic society. When the earthquake and tsunami hit the Tohoku Region ten years ago, a lot of people probably remember how people around the world supported the altruistic spirit and talked lively about how the altruistic society should be in the future.
As time has passed, however, such hope and awareness are gradually forgotten because in the present self-centered society, it is regarded efficient and better to forget about others’ pain and suffering or not to think about them.
The festival has been effective as the way to countervail such oblivion and inability to think. The festival has a function to let us be freed from daily lives, think about ancestors and the deceased, and enourage our imagination from the present to the future. Reborn-Art Festival which resulted in the disaster is a festival to go against oblivion and for us to imagine our world at present and in the future.
The artists, viewers and staff participating in this festival imagine how the future world should be through a variety of artworks such as peaceful and equal society with diversities, realization of rich symbiosis among the humankind, nature, living and inanimate beings. They gather at one point to share them, and after the festival is over, they go back to their own societies. Collective sharing of imagination for the future world—it might be the essence of this Reborn-Art Festival which is similar to prayer.

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