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「Ring on the beautiful sounds」


Dye, iron rust, cotton, linen, organdy, wool, adhesive interlining, wood

Photo by Keizo Kioku

東京ミッドタウンマネジメント株式会社オフィス会議室/  東京

TOKYO MIDTOWN Management Co., Ltd. Office Conference Room/ Tokyo







In this work, three types of cotton cloth with different textures are dyed using traditional techniques such as rust dyeing, light dyeing, and tie dyeing, and then embroidery is applied on top. A wide variety of wild birds visit Midtown, and their beautiful voices are exchanged throughout the four seasons. At that time, I imagine invisible but beautiful ripples of sound spreading throughout the place. In this conference room as well, we wanted people's thoughts and emotions to be heard, creating beautiful ripples of sound that would fill the space. In my works, flapping birds play the role of "messengers" carrying thoughts and feelings. These birds also carry the seasonal wind that blows through Midtown, which changes from spring to winter, into this room through color gradations. The word "Ring" in the title has meanings such as circulation, calm, connection, and how the words and ideas exchanged by people spread out endlessly in a circular motion.

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